Peter Alexis Shukoff also known as Nice Peter[1] (born August 15, 1979 in Rochester, New York) is a self described "Comic/Guitar Hero" best known for the musical comedy on his YouTube channel, NicePeter.[2] As of January 2012, he is the 34th most subscribed of all time and the 7th most subscribed musician with over 1.4 million subscribers.[3] The day after hitting one million subscribers, the video game and news channel G4 crowned Nice Peter the King of Dot Com Comedy on "Attack of the Show".[4] His videos have received over 384 million views and have been featured on the Huffington Post,[5], and the January 2012 issue of Wired Magazine.[6] A recent interview with Forbes Magazine[7] details Peter and his Epic Rap Battle of History partner Lloyd Alhquist's rise to YouTube fame.


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[edit] Epic Rap Battles of History

Epic Rap Battles of History is an original video series created by Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd. The series pits famous historical and pop culture figures, either fictional or otherwise, against one another (e.g.: Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler) in a rap battle format. Although early episodes of the series featured only Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd, later episodes have regularly featured guest appearances from other digital celebrities such as Lisa Donovan as Sarah Palin, Timothy DeLaGhetto as Kim Jong-il, Alex Farnham as Justin Bieber, MC Mr. Napkins as Albert Einstein, Colin J. Sweeney as Billy Mays, George Watsky as William Shakespeare, DeStorm Power as Mr. T, Prank Vs. Prank as Leonidas and his Queen, Rhett and Link as The Wright Brothers, and Bentley Green as a young Michael Jackson. Epic Rap Battles of History are housed on its own YouTube channel since December 2011 according to Maker Studios which produces and distributes the series. [edit] Season 1 Rap Battle Ref Also includes John Lennon vs. Bill O'Reilly [1] Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler [2] Abe Lincoln vs. Chuck Norris [3] Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga [4] Kim Jong-il vs. Hulk Hogan [5] "Macho Man" Randy Savage Justin Bieber vs. Ludwig Van Beethoven [6] Albert Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking [7] Genghis Khan vs. Easter Bunny [8] Napoleon Dynamite vs. Napoleon Bonaparte [9] Benjamin Franklin vs. Billy Mays [10] Vince Offer Gandalf vs. Dumbledore [11] Dr. Seuss vs. William Shakespeare [12] The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 Mr. T vs. Mr. Rogers [13] Christopher Columbus vs. Captain Kirk [14] Nice Peter vs. Epic Lloyd [15] Kassem G [edit] Season 2 Rap Battle Ref Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader 2 [16] Master Chief vs. Leonidas [17] The Wright Brothers vs. The Mario Brothers [18] Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley [19]

The 15th Epic Rap Battles of History, called the "Final Battle", was actually a season finale. Epic Rap Battles returned in December 8, 2011, hosted on their new channel, YouTube/ERB, with Behind the Scenes on their second channel, YouTube/ERB2.[8]

Peter and Maker Studios are in the process of creating a website for the Epic Rap Battles of History, Once finished, fans will be able to vote for the character which they believe won the "battle".

The series has been one of the most viewed series in YouTube history and has vaulted Nice Peter's YouTube channel into 89th most viewed of all-time in YouTube history. As of late October 2011, all the rap battles combined have over 230 million views. [edit] NicePeterToo

Nice Peter has a second channel called NicePeterToo, the home of the Monday Show, Picture Songs, Question Songs, and BTS for the Season 1's Epic Rap Battles of History.

The Monday Show is a vlog that Peter puts up on NicePeterToo, it may contain some or all of the following parts.

   Twitter Question Time: He takes questions or comments from Twitter and responds to them.
   Twitter Songs: He asks on Twitter for ideas, and make a song about it.
   Viewer Mail: He reads letters from fans, as well as opens packages sent to his P.O. Box, the address for which is listed on NicePeterToo. He assures viewers that even though not all the mail can make it on the show, it is all loved and hugged and appreciated.
   The Slow-Motion Clip of the Day: A clip in slow motion.
   Chicken News: Seen only once, Peter talks about a news story that in some way, relates to chickens.
   Extreme For No Reason: A clip showing an exaggeration of an everyday task.
   Ending Song: A song used to close out the show, most often referencing the day of the week that the video is released (Monday).

Picture Songs are another specialty of the NicePeterToo channel. In these songs, pictures are lined up and shown to him on a screen, and he sings the first thing that comes to his mind. Such hits include "Nomnomnom Babies" and "Why are Japanese People So Weird", the second of which caused a small controversy, people claiming he was racist. In response to these allegations, Nice Peter responded with "White People Make Me Sad" to show that his racism is inclusive of all races and nationalities, and is not exclusive to the Japanese.

Last but not least are the NicePeterToo "Question Songs", consisting of questions taken from Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and their respective answers, done entirely in song. [edit] Discography

Peter learned to play guitar before he had finished high school, but spent a short time pursuing a comedic acting career.[9] Once settled in Chicago, he began playing live in small bars in Chicago, the midwest, and even multiple tours to the UK.[10] Besides Peter, there have been other members of "Nice Peter": Pauly Doerr on bass and vocals, Kristen Regester on drums and vocals, and Matt Donehoo on drums and vocals. [edit] B-Sides for Kate

   All I Got (the Christmas Song)
   I'm Just a Man
   High With Pauly
   My Favorite Bar
   Chuck Norris
   Spanglish (unreleased full band recording)
   Sarah Palin

[edit] Live At DiPiazza's

   Intro, Greg, DiPiazza's
   Weed Monologue
   Red Line Train
   Tiny Little Balls
   White Trash Woman
   The Tuning Song
   Crazy Little Thing Called Sign Language
   R Kelly
   Tru Gangster
   Daniel the Boyfriend
   Baby I'm a Tree
   F#$% It
   I Quit, You Fat Mother F*&$%r
   Weezer Improv - Bonus Track
   Screamo Improv - Bonus Track

[edit] Live in Preston

   Smoke That Weed
   Daniel the Boyfriend
   The Redwings
   50 Cent is a Pussy
   F$%k London
   Cover Bands
   Tru Gangster
   If You Really Love Me
   White Trash Woman
   My Right Hand
   The Bush Song
   Myster of the Clitoris
   I Quit, You Fat Mother F$%cker

[edit] Songs About People

   Fell Asleep On Her Boobs[11]
   Bald Guy
   Cell Phones
   Put Your Coat On[12]
   Cover Bands
   Porn Star
   Hard To Stay
   Radical Muslim Penpal
   Sugar Momma
   The Masterpiece Part II (bonus)

[edit] Songs For Moms

   The Bush Song
   Tru Gangster
   I Quit, You Fat Mother F$%cker
   My Right Hand
   If You Really Love Me
   Old and Fat Together
   Make Up Sex
   Smoke That Weed

[edit] Suburban Highschool

   White Trash Woman
   Suburban Highschool
   F$%ck Guitar Center
   50 Cent is a Pussy
   You Shouldn't Have Pissed Me Off
   STD Test
   It's Time to be Gay
   The Masterpiece
   Dude, I'm So High

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[edit] External links

   Nice Peter on YouTube
   Nice Peter Too on YouTube
   Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2 on Youtube
   Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2's Behind the Scenes on Youtube
   Nice Peter on Twitter
   Nice Peter on Facebook on blogger
   Nice Peter | Official Nice Peter Blog on wordpress

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